In Which There is a Massive Dump of an Update

Oh yeah, breaking blog silence with a poop joke. I roll ’em up classy.

It’s been awhile since I bothered to make any kind of substantial update post, so we’re going through all those motions now – there’ll be other stuff once we’ve got it out of the way.

First and foremost, I finally lived up to my dual promise of making a review video and reviewing Necropolis! I may have waited for the updated ‘Brutal Edition’ true, but at least I finally got around to getting it done. In the rare likelihood that I make these a regular thing, I’ve given the review a fitting name: Nearly Unwatchable Reviews, which seems apt considering… well, you watch it. Pretty obvious how little work went into it.


As to progress on the Archivist story project, things slowed down for awhile but I’ve recently picked the thread of the story back up and ran with it. I’m starting to feel more comfortable finding my voice when I jump into writing, though I really need to find more time to sit and focus completely on the story – turns out that maintaining a household of multiple people on your own isn’t particularly easy when you do pretty much everything yourself. It’s honestly only a problem when it comes to getting my creative work done, but it’s starting to even out a bit more now that a bunch of big household chores that had fallen behind have finally gotten finished. Other than a recent bout of illness in the apartment, things are back on track – at least on that front.


It’s OK Because I Did Stuff

No, really! I’ve been doing stuff! Real stuff!

Just… not exactly blog stuff, because I still can’t accept the concept of shouting personal nothings to the crowd. I like the idea of providing something of at least some value – entertainment value, hopefully – whenever I communicate with other people. Small talk only has value in small doses; meaningless gossip is just that – meaningless.

TL;DR: I’m basically the worst blogger ever, which is why I’m not a blogger, just a dude who has a blog (one which I can’t even keep updated, this entire diatribe case-in-point).

Anywho, I’ve been preparing my Twitch channel for the inevitable release of Overwatch – not to mention YouTube, which will probably get a lot more attention now that I think about it – so I’ve been preparing new art assets for video/overlay purposes! It’s been pretty enjoyable really, elements of cartooning that I’ve missed since I stepped away from MMM. Here’s something I put together recently:


You Were Never The Chosen One

For those of you yet unaware, I am extremely excited for Necropolis, a Souls-like, procedurally generated dungeon-crawler with roguelike elements from the studio that brought us the Shadowrun CRPG series (which are all excellent, by the way), Hairbrained Schemes. There was a brief period where my excitement was shaken a bit after they announced a delay to the release date, but after my usual period of sulking like the giant entitled man-child I can sometimes be, my hype returned in full force – matched only by my burning need to play Overwatch. The unique art style really jumps out at me for some reason and I’m a sucker for anything with a real challenge + dark humor, so it was inevitable that I’d be hooked from the first trailer.